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APART HOTEL “SPA VITA SPRINGS” has a territory of 4600 m², with the density of construction equal to 30% of the territory, which guarantees a lot of green space around the complex.

The complex consists of 6 entrances which are connected by winter corridors increasing comfort to real estate owners and guests of the hotel. Nearly all apartments have balconies. Decoration works were carried out using natural materials (wood and stone) to keep harmony between the complex and its natural environment.

The complex includes restaurant, reception room, conference room, SPA centre, swimming pool with warm mineral water, guarded parking.

The annual maintenance fee is 10 euro per sq.m. The fee includes the cost of non-stop Monitoring, Servicing and Maintenance of all internal and external engineering complex systems (water, mineral water, electricity, etc..), Providing round the clock security of apartments which are parts of the complex,  Maintenance of order and purity in the surrounding areas (paths, playgrounds), daily and seasonal Landscaping (lawns, trees, etc..),  Checking and Maintenance of functioning of sanitary equipment, carrying out periodic Repairs to the facade, roof, gutters, removal of small lesions resulting from bad weather (frequent snow in the region, heavy rains), Administrative service in the entire complex, including conclusion of contracts with state and municipal institutions and also Payments the hotel shall provide  for any  third parties  conducting mandatory periodic inspection of the building and equipment, internal and external engineering systems, elevators,  on  getting permitting documents for the right to use water, electricity, on payment of communication services (telephone costs of security, administrator, accountant), on postage ( of reporting), on the Internet (for bank transactions and records), on payment for the services of a security company, on payment of electricity for technical needs and lighting to ensure the safety of property in all parts  of the hotel complex, on payment of staff salaries, fees and insurance

Apartment owners of the hotel complex are offered a management contract for their property. This contract includes  information about the estimated income from renting the apartment to tourists and about the percentage of this income  which will be taken by the hotel for the management of your property: apartment insurance, cleaning and maintenance of the apartment and the whole complex, linen washing, transfers, accommodation, breakfast (buffet) and services to tourists, tourist fee for tourists’ stay at the hotel, and the recruitment of staff to carry out work concerning all the above, costs of staff training, conducting promotional presentations and taking other measures  to attract tourists, paying bonuses and commissions to travel agencies and intermediaries.