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APART HOTEL “SPA VITA SPRINGS” has a swimming pool with mineral water. Its dimensions are 10x20 metres. Adult’s sector is 1.30 to 1.50 m depth, children’s one is 0.60 m depth. In summer time the pool is open and in winter closed.

Mineral water effectiveness in balneology is proven. It is favourable for prophylaxis of chronic inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system as well as for old injuries (fractures, sprains, callosities), rheumatism, chronic gynecological diseases, inflammatory diseases of the nervous system, kidney stones, liver, stomach, urinary tract and skin diseases (acne, psoriasis), inflammation s in respiratory tracts, chronic poisoning with heavy metals and others.

Fluoride 8.5 mg
Chlorine 9.1 mg
Sulfate 47.68 mg
Hydrophosphate 0.02 mg
Hydrocarbonate and carbonate 134.2 mg
Cations :
Natrium and Kalium 87.26 mg
Calcium 1.6 mg
Magnesium 0.49 mg
Iron 0.04 mg
Metasilic acid 74.8 mg

In October 2012 a modern SPA centre of АPART HOTEL “SPA VITA SPRINGS” opens its doors. We will be happy to offer you various Spa services: hamam, sauna, massage rooms, fitness room, a comfortable relax space and others.